Kolloquien: Professur für Systemische Neurophysiologie

Apr 18
18. April 2018 8:45 Uhr bis 16:00 Uhr
Harald zur Hausen-Hörsaal

1. Teil:

Herr Haubensak (Vienna): Neuronal circuit organization of emotional behavior (8.45-9.15 Uhr)
Herr Ponomarenko (Berlin): Coordination of associative and innate behaviours by oscillations in cortical and subcortical circuits (9.15-9.45 Uhr)
Frau Vallentin (Berlin): Neural mechanisms underlying vocal interactions in songbirds (9.45-10.15 Uhr)
Frau Nienborg: Visual processing for context dependent perceptual decisions (10.15-10.45 Uhr)

2. Teil:

Herr Jacob (München): Neuronal dynamics and neuromodulation of cognitive control: from mouse to man (14-14.30 Uhr)
Herr Sigurdsson (Frankfurt): Long-range circuits supporting cognition in health and disease (14.30-15 Uhr)
Herr Rose (Martinsried): Stability vs. Plasticity: Rules and Consequences of Neuronal Rewiring (15-15.30 Uhr)
Herr Scheuss (Martinsried): From synapse to system: Optophysiological analysis of cortical function in mice (15.30-16 Uhr)