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Informationen für Studierende des auslaufenden Masterprogramms Molekulare Medizin

Supplementary information on the program

The program is composed of a well-balanced mixture of lectures, seminars, tutorials and practical trainings grouped in thematic modules. Module-Handbook_MolMed_Master gives detailed information about each module.

Time table Molecular Medicine MSc

The program is offered by the Faculty of Medicine. For more information on the institutions involved in the program and the research possibilities available, please check the list.

All provisions concerning the master’s program are stated in the examination regulation. The examinations committee is responsible for the organization and execution of the examinations and passes final judgement on all matters concerning the examination regulations.
Chair of the examinations committee: Prof. Dr. Anja Bosserhoff
Coordination: Dr. Simone Reiprich
Members of the examination committee Molecular Medicine

In addition to theoretical knowledge, the curriculum conveys skills in scholarly and practical work and molecular laboratory methodology. Approximately 50% of the curriculum consists of research projects (internships) that can be performed in one or more research areas of your choice. In the 2nd and 3rd semester, a research block of 6 months (at FAU or abroad or in industry) is included. The members of the examiners list supervise the internal and external research modules.
Prüferliste Praktika/Abschlussarbeiten/Practical Trainings/Thesis

Different country, different customs– different research?

By studying abroad you will gain new insights, experience different cultures, meeting new people and be challenged by unexpected situations. You want to take courses at a different university, do a research project or gain experience in an industrial setting?  We encourage our students to spend up to six months abroad. Contact us to discuss the possibilities and arrange a learning agreement.

The faculty has many collaborations that can be used for a research exchanges.

You are planning a research internship or training course abroad? The international Molecular Medicine Research Experience Scholarships enable Molecular Medicine students to get firsthand experience in international and industrial research. We thank the Novartis Pharma GmbH for funding this scholarship program.

Dr. Simone Reiprich

Verwaltung und Serviceeinrichtungen Medizinische Fakultät
Studiendekanat Medizin

Your are interested in the bachelor’s or master’s program in Molecular Medicine and looking for information from current students? Contact us via

The FSI Molekulare Medizin ist the student body of the program (Satzung FSI Molekulare Medizin) and meets regularly to talk about ideas to improve the program or problems that have been noticed. All students are welcome to join the FSI and participate in groups that work on various topics. Our ideas are then conveyed to the program committee by the student delegates.