Prospective students

Molecular Medicine in Erlangen

The research oriented master’s program in Molecular Medicine offers advanced training in selected fields of molecular biomedicine, the opportunity for specialization and provides practical training to qualify its students to become independent and innovative young researchers. The curriculum encompasses a wide range of theoretical contents, modern laboratory methods and independent research projects in the laboratories of the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital Erlangen. Research modules can also be performed abroad to gain experience in an international academic or industrial environment.

The program is designed for students who hold a Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Medicine or in a closely related subject from the Life Sciences with a grade of at least 2.5 (good). You can apply even if you have not yet finished your bachelor’s degree, provided that you have earned at least 150/180 ECTS and will finish the degree promptly. You can also apply if you hold a degree in Medicine (German state examination or equivalent).
The language of instruction in the Master’s program is English. Therefore you need to demonstrate an adequate level of spoken and written English of at least B2 as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
The program can only be started in the winter term (October). The application deadline is July 15 of each year but the admission test takes place in June. For more information on the general application process, please refer to application and enrollment.

Application is possible from January 21 to July 15 via the online application tool.

Please study the information provided by the central office of international affairs of the FAU prior to application. Questions concerning special visa requirements or proof of proficiency in English will be answered by the central office.

Applicants holding a Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Medicine, Biomedicine, Human Biology or Biomedical Science (grade of at least 2.5 (good)) can be admitted directly based on their specific qualification. Check out the list for direct admission to see if your bachelor’s program qualifies for direct admission.

All other applicants must participate in the admission test on June 25. Registration for the test is open from May 1 to June 15!

To prepare for the test, check out the topics: Molecular Medicine admission test preparation.

Contact the coordinator to sign up for the test!
The test takes place in Erlangen, but international students may participate electronically. For more information, contact the coordinator.

Your qualification for the program is judged by

  • the qualification gained in your bachelor’s degree. You can achieve a maximum of 40 points (2 points are substracted per 0.1 grade difference).
  • the admission test. You can achieve a maximum score of 50 points.
  • Other relevant qualifications deduced from your application documents, e. g. research internships on biomedical topics.

If you achieve 75-100 points, you will be admitted to the program.
If you achieve 60-74 points, you will be invited for an interview to further verify your qualification.
If you achieve less than 60 points, you will not be admitted to the program.

A more detailed outline of the requirements for admission is given in the examination regulations.